Eligibility for Library Cards

The following people are eligible for free library cards:

  • Floyd county residents
  • Non-resident Floyd county property owners with property tax receipt
  • Reciprocal borrowers from Clark and Harrison counties
  • Floyd County employees

You can get your library card application started online by filling out the Online Borrower Registration form link below. Visit the New Albany Central Library or the Galena Branch to pick up your library card. You will need to show a photo ID and a separate proof of address (a bill or a piece of mail with your current address, etc.). For children and teens without a photo ID, a responsible adult must show their photo ID and proof of address.

Floyd County Library Card

Online Borrower Card

Get limited access to the Library’s databases and downloadable resources for 90 days with an Online Borrower Card.

CLICK HERE for Online Borrower Registration Form


NOTE: If the link redirects to the home catalog, click on “Create Account” on the top right corner of that page to get started.

Non-Resident Cards

Indiana residents who live outside Floyd county and who do not own property within the county limits, do not pay taxes to support the library. Therefore, a fee must be charged for library services. We offer several options to give non-residents borrowing privileges. Non-residents may purchase a New Albany-Floyd County Public Library card for a yearly fee of $45 for and individual card with approved identification.

Individuals who own a valid Indiana public library card may purchase a Public Library Access Card (PLAC). A PLAC provides access to all public libraries within the state of Indiana. PLAC holders must provide proper identification, along with their valid Indiana public library card, in order to obtain a free New Albany-Floyd County Public Library card.
Non-resident Floyd county property owners may receive a free card upon presentation of a current property tax receipt.
The Tri-County Borrowing program allows Floyd, Clark and Harrison county residents who live in a library district to borrow from any library in the tri-county area using the “home” library card (new cards may be issued from each library). To apply, visit our Circulation Desks and bring your home library card and ID. You must be in good standing at your home library. Reciprocal borrower cards are good for 1 year and then must be renewed.
Any non-resident elementary, middle school, high school, or college student who attends a public or private school located in Floyd county will be issued a library card valid until the beginning of the next school year. Non-resident grade school or college students may present a signed statement on the school’s official business letterhead paper in order to obtain a free card. The statement must affirm attendance at a Floyd county school. Valid photo identification with current address must be presented as well. If under the age of 16, the student’s legal guardian or parent with approved identification must accompany the child to sign the registration form.
Non-resident teachers at a Floyd county school may receive a non-resident teacher library card by presenting a paycheck stub from the Floyd county institution, an insurance card that states the name of the Floyd county school, a letter from the institution stating that the teacher is under contract for the current school year, or a valid teacher ID card. The applicant may also prove employment as a Floyd county teacher through inclusion in the current New Albany-Floyd County Public School Directory. A valid photo identification with correct address is also required.

Non-resident teacher cards are available to those employed at any public or private school in Floyd county, a local Head Start, and state-licensed day care centers.

Cards will be valid until the beginning of the next school year.

Transients who are residing in Floyd county on a temporary basis may obtain a limited card upon payment of $15. Ten dollars is a refundable deposit and $5 is the card’s fee. The patron must surrender the card within 12 months of the card’s issuance in order to receive a refund of their deposit. No more than two items from each department is allowed to circulate at one time on a non-permanent card. The card is issued for six months.
Any institution or business in Floyd county which agrees to be responsible for and pay all fines, fees or replacement costs, is eligible for an institutional card. To obtain a card, a business should present a request printed on company letterhead stating that the business will be responsible for any fines or fees. The company determines who is authorized to use the card.