Dear Friends of the Library,

We are back.  After a long hiatus, the Friends of the Library will host their first sale on Saturday, June 5th from 9 AM to 1 PM. The Friends have been busy gathering some great books to share with you.

This sale will look a little different since we will be in the library’s large parking lot near the annex building (Rain date is Saturday, June 12th).  Stay safe, stop COVID-19, masks are encouraged.

As always, regular prices are $1 for hardback books and 50 cents for paperbacks.  Children’s books are 25 cents.  All proceeds and donations are used to support the library.

On Saturday June 5th we will have a large number of carts in the parking lot.  We have a HUGE number of books to share with you, so throughout the sale, we will be bringing out new books.

We have too many books to list here, however, here is a list of the different categories of books you can expect to find:

Horror and Science Fiction
Large Print
Beach Books
Classics and Fiction
Exceptional Books at an amazing low price
Science and Nature
Children’s (Early Readers to Young Adults and All Points In Between)
Crafts of all Types
Science Fiction
New Age

Collector’s Corner
As usual, we have old and unusual books waiting for you.   We are unable to list all of the books in this limited space – come out on June 5th and see what we have.
Here are some of the categories of books and examples for your buying pleasure.

War: We have great books on almost every US conflict. Here are some examples: Memoirs of the Civil War by Abel C. Stelle from New Albany (1904; $10); The Civil War and Adjustment in Kentucky (1926; $4); The Air Officer’s Guide (1958; $5); Atlas of the World War Showing Latest Maps and Pictures (1918; $10)

Mid Century Modern1956 Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book ($3.50) – Everything you need to know about decorating your home midcentury modern – from pink bathroom sinks to jewel tone shag carpeting. 1966 Better Homes and Gardens New Garden Book ($3) – Give your garden that 60s flair.

Children’s: Peter Pan and Wendy (1938 First Edition; $20); Kipling-A Selection of his Stories and Poems (1956; $4); The Children of Dickens (1965; $3);

Rivers, Steamships, Paddle Wheels, Tug Boats, Canals, etc.: Ways Steam Towboat Directory ($7); As You Cruise Along the Ohio River – Pittsburgh to Cairo (1930; $5); Navigation Improvements at Louisville, KY (1938; $5); Legendary Lady, The Story of the Belle of Louisville ($2); The Ohio Canals ($3) and many more.

Indiana and Kentucky: Indiana Department of Geology and Natural History (1886; $3); The Saga of Lewis & Clark ($2), etc.

Religion: The Atonement, the Key Doctrine (1852; $10); The Debatable Land Between this World and the Next (1872; $6); The Life of Faith and other Sermons (1905; $5); and many more

Travel: Post cards and other souvenirs from a 1925 grand tour including the Mediterranean, France, Germany, Switzerland and many other.  Rome Saint Peter in the Vatican (1924; $3); Vierwaldstattersee/Lac des Quatre Cantons/Lucerne and the Lake ($4); Album Souvenir Jerusalem Palestine ($7); A Brief Guide to Al-haram Al-Sharif Jerusalem (Temple Mount; $25); and many more items from this trip – including a suitcase.  Plan your vacation with these great travel books.

Books 100 years old or near enough

Children’s: Health First Reader (1919; $2); Fireside Fairies ($1); The Winston Pre-Primer: My Book (1924; $2); The Boys and Girls Readers: Second Reader (approximately 1900; $2);

Cookbooks: 1930 My Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook (First Edition; $5)

Literature/Classics: Pre 1895 Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott ($20);

Nonfiction: The Story of the Ancient Nations (1912; $3); The Footprints of Time: and a complete analysis of our American System of Government (1877; $5);

Misc: 1960 Presidential Election Folder ($10) – This folder lays out the information about information about the 1960 election, electoral college, how the states voted in 1956 and much more.  1963 Great World Atlas (First Edition; $5).  Find out how the world looked in the 60s. Gift wrapping ($2) from the 70s and 80s – can you say Smurphy!!

And many more!!!