Family Bibles are listed alphabetically by last name with the first name of the couple and date of marriage following, if known.  As we receive and digitize them, we will continue to add them to this list. Click on a link below to read the pages.

Beeler, William and Elizabeth (1820)

Brown, Edward and Elizabeth (1816)

Cannon, George Hiram and Elizabeth Mary (1888)

Cannon, Greenbury Crockett and Mary Elizabeth (1851)

Graham, William H. and Mary Alice (1874)

Ingram, Elmer and Emma (1917)

Ingram, George H. and Mary Ann (1846) (transcription)

Ingram, James and Mary (1807) (transcription)

Kepley, Augustus and Harriett (1860)

Kern, Jefferson and Katie (1887)

Miller, William and Lucinda (1837)

Schamel, Peter and Sarah A. (1859)