What types of contributions can be made?

Gifts of books, paperbacks, CDs, DVD/Blu-rays, and magazines are accepted by the library.

Monetary gifts are also welcomed. They are used to purchase books, music recordings, CDs, and DVD/Blu-rays, to support public programs, and for other special needs of the library.

Donations of time and talent can be made directly to the library or the the Friends of the Library.

How do I contribute to the library?

Books may be left in the Donations book box near the Annex Building. The library will have the opportunity to review and add any of these gifts to its collection.

Local history and genealogy gifts should be taken to the Stuart Barth Wrege Indiana History Room 

Media materials may be left in the Donations book box near the Annex Building.

Art donations for prominent display are evaluated by an Art Committee of community members who make recommendations to the library board.

Gifts are accepted with the understanding that the library will use or dispose of them as their physical condition and continued usefulness may warrant. Gifts to the library are evaluated for acceptance in the same manner as purchased materials. Gifts that are not needed by the library will be sold by the Friends of the Library to raise funds to benefit the library.

What types of books are appropriate for the library?

Generally, books which were printed during the last five years and are in good physical condition prove most useful to the library’s readers.

Please inspect all gift materials carefully before giving them to the library. If undetected, mildew, termites, larvae, etc. can spread to other library material.

Are my contributions tax deductible?

Materials given to the public library may be tax deductible. You may deduct the fair market value of any property you donate to the library. The rules for determining fair market value are discussed in IRS publication 561. You may wish to consult the IRS or your accountant for advice concerning the whether or not your gift is deductible.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, the appraisal of gift materials for the purpose of income tax deductions is the responsibility of the donor. If you will provide the number and type of items given, a receipt will be issued.

Can I make “special occasion” or memorial gifts in honor of a family member or friend?

Yes, you can. The library’s Business Office can help you with this.

Donations toward library items made in memory or honor of an individual are always appropriate and welcome.

A gift plate recognizing the honoree and the donor will be placed on the donated item. Letters of acknowledgement will be sent to the families.

How can I remember the library in my estate planning?

There are several ways to help your library and your community without using any of your present income or jeopardizing the face value of current investments.

Some possibilities are:

  • designating a gift from a will;
  • naming the library as beneficiary of insurance policies;
  • sharing part of the interest from a current investment, such as an appreciated stock.

Your attorney and accountant can provide information on establishing charitable remainder trusts, special bequests and other similar gifts for the library.


Thank you for your generosity and community support of the library!