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International No Diet Day

May 6 is International No Diet Day. Created by eating disorder survivor Mary Evans Young in 1992, No Diet Day is a celebration of body acceptance, which includes fat acceptance and body shape diversity. If you want to know more about body acceptance and/or rejecting diet culture, check out these books at your library: The [...]

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Star Wars Trivia Contest

Join us Tuesday, May 4 for Star Wars Trivia at 7 PM.  A "bonus round" of our monthly Virtual Trivia Nights, this fast-paced contest will cover a mix of questions from the nine films in the main series as well as some spin-off titles including Solo, Rogue One and The Mandalorian.  We'll be using Kahoot trivia [...]

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Hello from the Galena Digital Branch!

Today, the Galena Branch Crew is taking over the staff blog. We would like to introduce you to our little corner of the library world! The Galena Digital Branch of the Floyd County Library System has been open since September 2018. Even though we are situated in an old house built way back in 1843, [...]

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What’s Cooking?

My New Year's resolution this year was to try at least 50 new recipes. It's been such a fun project and of course I am using our library to help. I like to own cookbooks so I can take my time going through them and refer back to my favorite recipes, but they can be [...]

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Tips for Plant Care and Maintenance

Like a lot of people, I got into houseplants this year. Over the course of four months, I went from having zero houseplants to having nine. Novice plant owners need information, so I've made a little collage of resources that I hope will be as helpful to you as they were to me. Practical houseplant [...]

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World Autism Awareness Month – Representation in Children’s Lit.

Representation matters, and I think that’s especially true for children. For World Autism Awareness month, I've chosen to explore some children and middle grade books that represent children who experience autism, as well as siblings of children that experience autism. You can check out any of these books, and more, here at the Floyd County [...]

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Parks & Rec Trivia

  The last Tuesday night of each month is Virtual Trivia Night.  On April 27 at 7 PM we'll have Parks & Recreation Trivia.  Join us for a fast-paced trivia contest using Zoom and Kahoot with a $10 Amazon gift card for the winner.  Kahoot is a quiz program that can be accessed online or [...]

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April is for Poetry!

April is National Poetry Month! This is one of my favorite times of year because poetry can be so beautiful, but I don't usually reach for it. Being encouraged in the spring when the sun comes out and the flowers are blooming to take a moment and slow down to enjoy some poetry is exactly [...]

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Ramadan Books for Kids

Ramadan Mubarak!  I'm a little early with this greeting, as the month of Ramadan starts on April 12 this year.  (Since Ramadan is part of the Islamic lunar calendar, the date on our Western calendar is different every year.)  For those who don't already know, Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims that involves fasting, [...]

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