It’s June, second only to February as the season of romance. The Unhoneymooners is the new book from Christina Lauren. A romantic comedy, it features Olive, twin sister of the bride, and Ethan, the best man she can’t stand. In one of those unusual twists of fate, the entire bridal party comes down with food poisoning, except Olive and Ethan. So who gets to take the already-paid-for honeymoon vacation to Hawaii? That’s right! Olive and Ethan. Add in an ill-timed meetup with Olive’s boss, and let the fun loose! It’s a really popular book (1 print copy and 1 ebook), so you’ll probably have to wait for it. Meanwhile, here’s some similar books you might enjoy:

  • The Rosie Project (Graeme C. Simsion) – A really popular book from a few years ago, this is a classic screwball romantic comedy (think Lucille Ball or Doris Day). It’s the story of genetics professor Don Tillman and his search for love in the Wife Project (1 print, 1 large print, and 1 downloadable audiobook).
  • Wedding Night (Sophie Kinsella) – When Lottie’s boyfriend proposes (a trip together, not marriage) she’s just crushed. So, she hooks up with an old boyfriend, and they decide to do something drastic: they won’t date, or move in together, or any of the usual things, they’ll just run off and get married. Right away. 1 print copy, and 1 audiobook on disc from the author of the Shopaholic series.
  • Three Little Words (Jenny Holiday) – A bridesmaid and a best man are forced by circumstances to travel together by car from New York to Florida. He has a “no flings” rule, and she has a “no relationships” rule. Together they have unbeatable chemistry. 1 print copy.
  • The Hating Game (Sally Thorne) – In what sounds like an update of the old Tracy-Hepburn movie Desk Set, two people who can’t stand each other share an office 40 or more hours a week. Do they really dislike each other that much, or is it just another game? 1 print copy.
  • The Flatshare (Beth O’Leary) – “Tiffy and Leon share a flat. Tiffy and Leon share a bed. Tiffy and Leon have never met.” Tiffy works days, Leon works nights. Neither one can afford an apartment in the city on their own. Can they make it work sharing a one bedroom apartment by working opposite schedules? 1 print copy, 1 ebook copy.
  • Wedding Season (Katie Fforde) – Sarah is a wedding planner, but she doesn’t believe in love. As she works through a busy wedding season with her best friends, will she change her mind? 1 print copy.
  • The Marriage Pact (M. J. Pullen) – Marci is facing her 30th birthday. Marci lives in a small converted hotel, works what was intended to be a temporary job in accounts, and has an affair with her married boss. This isn’t at all what she had planned: a lovely suburban home, a charming husband, and two brilliant children. When an old friend shows up who she had made a drunken marriage pact with years before, she wonders if she can recapture her happily-ever-after. 1 print copy.
  • Queen of Babble Gets Hitched (Meg Cabot) – Lizzie has a career she loves and her French fiancé has finally proposed. It sounds like everything she ever wanted is hers. Is she ready to be a wife and the mistress of a chateau in the south of France? Or is she destined to become a bad girl in the arms of another man? 1 print copy.
  • Miracle on 5th Avenue (Sarah Morgan) – Eva is a hopeless romantic in New York City at Christmas. Lucas is a best-selling author with a deadline and the anniversary of his wife’s death coming up. When fate throws them together in a penthouse apartment in the best part of the City, can they find their happily-ever-after? 1 large print copy, 1 ebook.
  • Call Me Irresistible (Susan Elizabeth Phillips) – In book #5 of Phillips’s Wynette, Texas series, Meg convinces her best friend to break off her wedding to the town’s favorite bachelor. Instantly, she’s the most hated woman in town. And she’s stuck in that town with a car that won’t run and no money. Is there any way things could get worse? 1 print copy.

Enjoy a romantic June and come back in July to see what we find.

— Greg R.