The Dark Crystal (1982)

Jim Henson’s cult classic fantasy movie is set in an ambiguous “another world, another time.”  The Dark Crystal followed Jen and Kira, last survivors of the Gelfling race, and their mission to restore a missing shard from the Dark Crystal before an apocalyptic planetary conjunction.  But their quest will take them into the realm of the cruel Skeksis who draw their power from the Dark Crystal.  The Dark Crystal was a live-action film that had no human actors but a variety of bizarre characters portrayed by puppets that looked more realistic and much creepier than the Muppets.  A novelization of the film by A.C.H. Smith is available for download on Hoopla.


Legends of the Dark Crystal (2007-2010)

A two-volume Manga series that served as a prequel to the film.  The books focused on the conflict between the Skeksis and the Gelflings that is also the basis for the Netflix series.


The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths (2011-2015)

This trilogy of graphic novels is set in the distant past of the world of The Dark Crystal follows a new character, the trickster Raunip, and and focuses on the first great conjunction, the corruption of the crystal, and the arrival of the Skeksis and the Mystics.  The comics are illustrated by Brian Froud, the original concept designer for The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.  All three volumes can be downloaded on Hoopla.


Shadows of the Dark Crystal (2016)

Song of the Dark Crystal (2017)

Tides of the Dark Crystal (2018)

Flames of the Dark Crystal (2019)

This series of young adult novels by J.M. Lee follows Naia, Kylan, and other Gelflings as they become aware of the cruelty of the Skeksis and form a resistance.  The characters introduced in these books are set to appear in the Netflix series premiering at the end of this month.


The Power of the Dark Crystal (2017-2018)

Beneath the Dark Crystal (2018-2019)

A film sequel to The Dark Crystal entered pre-production in the mid-2000s but was never released.  The unused script was adapted into a twelve-issue comic book series in 2017.  The Power of the Dark Crystal centered on the interactions between the Gelflings and their subterranean counterparts – the Firelings, the second breaking of the crystal, and the return of the Skeksis.  A sequel series, Beneath the Dark Crystal, was launched in 2018.  Its final issue will be release sometime this month.  Both series can be downloaded on Hoopla.


The Dark Crystal Tales (2017)

The Dark Crystal: A Discovery Adventure (2018)

The Dark Crystal Artist Tribute (2018)

Children’s picture books set in the world of The Dark Crystal are also available for download on Hoopla, as is an Artist Tribute featuring new artwork from topic comic and fantasy artists.


The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (2019)  

Netflix’s new series is set to premier August 30, featuring live-action puppets like the original ’80s film and an all-star voice cast.