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The Buffalo Trail and Dewey Heights:  The story of the northern approach to the Kentucky and Indiana Bridge.
The Eclipse and Shipbuilding:  An interesting account focusing on the opulent passenger steamboat, The Eclipse, and mention of the shipbuilding industry, written by Wally Criswell for the New Albany Valley News in 1959.
Field of Honor:  This was the “duel ground for some of Kentucky’s most distinguished statesmen, soldiers, and scholars”, located on the Indiana shore, “immediately below the mouth of Silver Creek”.
In the Heyday of Steamboating:  By Mart Tellon, of East Market Street, whose father was one of the biggest steamboat and foundry men of New Albany back in the 1850s.
New Albany Shipyards, 1859:  Mention of shipbuilders and rivermen and some of the New Albany-built boats, including the Baltic, Eclipse, A. L. Shotwell, and the Robert E. Lee.
A Startling Wreck: Towboat James Blakemore:  The Towboat James Blakemore literally torn to pieces by the Ohio’s current.  Boat a total loss and narrow escape of the crew.
Wreck of the Lucy Walker:  A report on the condition of several members who had attended a meeting of the Southern Synod and were returning to their homes on the steamboat Lucy Walker when her boilers exploded.