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As Others See Us:  A Live New York Yankee Look-in On a Hoosier’s Nest.  Where There is Little to Commend and Much to Condemn… Something to Praise After All (Rochester, New York, 1876).
Breyfogle Free Kindergarten:  Justifies Pride.  The Breyfogle Free Kindergarten in New Albany.  A Woman’s Thank-Offering.  Description of the handsome building and its equipments.  Extent of the work.
Cornelia Memorial Children’s Home:  A history of the Children’s Home as reported to the Floyd County Historical Society by Ruth Ann Kramer.
Davis Floyd of Indiana and Florida:  A history of the life and times of Davis Floyd (1774-1831).  This link will take you to another website.
Early City History:  An accounting of some of New Albany’s early city history as recounted by Elizabeth Nunemacher, much of which is garnered from letters written by her sister, Emma Nunemacher Carleton.
Early Days in New Albany:  A personal history of the Scribner Family with a short sketch of the settlement of New Albany by William Augustus Scribner, M.D., written to his daughter on April 13, 1862 and February 8, 1867.

Fairview Cemetery:  Mausoleums and vaults.

Fifty-Two Years Ago:  A newspaper editorial regarding the city of New Albany in 1850 and its current (1902) state of affairs.
Grandfather Hedden:  Earl Gebhart Hedden relates a virtual “Who’s Who” of early New Albany businesses and the influential men and women behind them; an interesting account of the woolen and hosiery mills and much more!
Gypsies and More Gypsies:  The Camp Near the Fair Grounds.  Their Origin.  Historical Sketch.  Their Peculiar Characteristics.
Lecture Visit of Ralph Waldo Emerson:  Dr. Morrill relates his personal recollection (written in 1889) regarding the visit about twenty years earlier of Ralph Waldo Emerson to New Albany and to Dr. Morrill’s home at 1309 East Main Street.
The Old Country Store:  Center of village life, the comprehensive stock in trade and how it was disposed of, with mention and picture of Henry Hanky’s country store.
The Old House Speaks:  The Scribner home described in a unique manner, including details about the garden and family life.
Scramble Corners:  A brief account of New Albany’s first walk-wait traffic signal.
A Stranger’s View of New Albany:  An unnamed traveler visiting New Albany in July 1852 gives his accounting of that visit and provides some insight as to the business of New Albany at that time.
A Tour Through Indiana:  A look at early New Albany and Floyd County in 1840 from the diary kept by John Parsons of Petersburg, Virginia.