Miracle Creek by Angie Kim, 2019 (369 pages)

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Playaway copy

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Everyone in town has the same question: What really happened that night?  Several lives were forever altered by a fiery explosion in an old barn, home to a hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) chamber that looked like an old submarine, providing a treatment that patients sought for various ailments.  In the aftermath of the explosion, two people are dead and several others are severely injured.  All evidence points to the fact that this was no mere accident or act of God.  The prosecutor accuses the mother of one of the victims, an autistic boy, of setting the fire to rid herself of her disabled child.  But fairly quickly it becomes obvious that no witness is telling the whole truth.  Everyone seems to have something to hide, someone or something to protect.  Will justice be done?  And what is justice in the face of compounding tragedy?  This dizzying mystery is interwoven with themes of family betrayal, the immigrant experience, disability, medical ethics, and sacrifice.  I was so curious what each character was lying about or omitting (even from the reader) that I found it hard to put this book down!  I would suggest it to anyone who enjoys a puzzle or an unreliable narrator that you can’t quite trust.


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