Radio Station WLRP-1570 AM was licensed to operate in New Albany in 1949 and was located at 1570 Clifton Avenue.  By 1960, it became WOWI and later in the 1960s, it became WHEL and played country music.
The Historical Series of New Albany aired in three volumes beginning in 1956 and contains over 50 sketches regarding a wide variety of topics.  The material for these sketches was provided by the Floyd County Historical Society and the program was sponsored by Union National Bank.

Historical Series of New Albany, Volume I

Historical Series of New Albany, Volume II

Historical Series of New Albany, Volume III

01 – Mound Builders 14 – George W. Morrison: An Artist Who Called New Albany Home
02 – Air Line 15 – Daniel Boone’s Brother: A Harrison County Pioneer
03 – George Rogers Clark and Clarksville 16 – The Air Age Comes to New Albany
04 – Clarksville Today 17 – Days of the Toll Roads
05 – Patrick Henry Shields: A Floyd County Pioneer 18 – Iron Working in New Albany
06 – Thanksgiving and the New Albany Heritage 19 – Oh, for the Life of a Fireman
07 – Interurban to Indianapolis 20 – Local Boy Makes Good: The Story of Some of New Albany’s Sons
08 – Duels at Silver Creek 21 – Norman J. Colman and the Floyd County Seminary
09 – William Henry Harrison and Harrison County 22 – Sports in New Albany’s Past
10 – Christmas in New Albany 50 Years Ago 23 – How Did Silver Creek Get It’s Name?
11 – Welcoming in the New Year 24 – The Story of Music in New Albany
12 – English Settlement on River Road 25 – Public Utilities in New Albany
13 – When Clark County was the Cement Center of the United States 26 – Who Was the First Settler in New Albany?