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An Old Landmark:  Another house that Stoy built, originally used as a female college, and afterward as a collegiate institute for boys and girls, and still later as a high school.
Carrie’s Recollections of Bank Street:  Join Carrie Day Bowman (1855-1947) as she relates the earlier times of her family and neighbors of Bank Street and surroundings, describing hones and traditions.
Historic Districts:  Several neighborhoods throughout New Albany have been added to the National Register of Historic Places.  A description of each of these places follows, along with a “Statement of Significance” for several of the districts.  More information regarding these and other locations listed on the National Register can be found at Floyd County Places.
Houses On Main Street:  A brief sketch of Main Street as seen by Earl Gebhart Hedden.
The Houses That Stoy Built:  Photographs of the home of Henry Stoy on River Road and the home of Peter Stoy on Market Street, including a short biography of this early New Albany family.
Jersey Park:  Located in Galena, situated among the Knobs, back of New Albany.  Plenty of shade and good water.
Old Homes in New Albany:  A narrative of early New Albany homes and their families as presented to the Coterie Club in 1937 by Mrs. Villeroy Reed Conner.
The Old House Speaks:  The Scribner home described in a unique manner, including details of the garden and family life.
Old McDonald’s Farm:  A big bargain.  The finest farm in southern Indiana for sale.
Rising Sun Tavern:  An old inn on an old road in Floyd County.  A picture of travel and toil in early Indiana.