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An Old Landmark:  Another house that Stoy built, originally used as a female college, and afterward as a collegiate institute for boys and girls, and still later as a high school.
Carrie’s Recollections of Bank Street: ¬†Join Carrie Day Bowman (1855-1947) as she relates the earlier times of her family and neighbors of Bank Street and surroundings, describing hones and traditions.
Historic Districts: ¬†Several neighborhoods throughout New Albany have been added to the National Register of Historic Places. ¬†A description of each of these places follows, along with a “Statement of Significance” for several of the districts. ¬†More information regarding these and other locations listed on the National Register can be found at Floyd County Places.
Houses On Main Street:  A brief sketch of Main Street as seen by Earl Gebhart Hedden.
The Houses That Stoy Built:  Photographs of the home of Henry Stoy on River Road and the home of Peter Stoy on Market Street, including a short biography of this early New Albany family.
Jersey Park:  Located in Galena, situated among the Knobs, back of New Albany.  Plenty of shade and good water.
Old Homes in New Albany:  A narrative of early New Albany homes and their families as presented to the Coterie Club in 1937 by Mrs. Villeroy Reed Conner.
The Old House Speaks:  The Scribner home described in a unique manner, including details of the garden and family life.
Old McDonald’s Farm: ¬†A big bargain. ¬†The finest farm in southern Indiana for sale.
Rising Sun Tavern:  An old inn on an old road in Floyd County.  A picture of travel and toil in early Indiana.