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Crimes of Local Note

The Attempt to Kidnap Olive Kraft:  In November of 1893, an attempt to kidnap the daughter of Mr. Joe H. Kraft, then proprietor of a large dry goods store, was interrupted.  It was planned to ask a ransom of $10,000; in the attempt, one of the conspirators was killed and confessed before his dying.  This is the newspaper account, as it appeared in the New Albany Daily Ledger.
The Box Poisoning:  Moses Box was initially charged with the murder of his uncle, following the supposed poisoning of him and other members of the family; the lack of evidence later cleared Moses of those charges.
Daring Beer Burglars:  A newspaper report of a night of burglaries, attempted and completed (1896).
The Death of George Armstrong:  Wife in Custody.  Peculiar Features Cause Suspicion.  Conflicting Stories.
Manus Trial:  Newspaper articles concerning the death of Antoinette Manus in December of 1917, and the subsequent trial and acquittal of Frank Manus, Jr.
Merchants National Bank Robbery:  A daring daylight robbery in 1909.  Cashier J. Hangary Fawcett is shot and killed and president J. K. Woodward is wounded.  A grand jury investigation follows, a trial and conviction, life sentence, and later escape.

Local Disasters

Bridge Disaster:  A large span of the Louisville and Jeffersonville Bridge (Big Four Railroad Bridge) collapsed and fell 100 feet into the river below, causing a frightful scene of death and disaster (December 1893).
Earthquake: ¬†Sharp Shock and Peculiar Explosion at 3:32 O’Clock (April 1902).
Never To Be Forgotten (1917 Tornado):  A brief recapture of the devastation from the 1917 tornado written in the New Albany Valley News in March 1959 by William Criswell.
Observations Out of the Ordinary (1917 Tornado): ¬†Emma Carleton’s reflections about the 1917 tornado; a high tribute to St. Edward’s Hospital.

Mysterious Happenings

Ghosts and Goblins:  In the months following the death of Mrs. Lapsley in 1878, the ghost of Mary Ann Silliman Ayers Lindsley Richardson Lapsley appears and reappears and finally disappears (current Box Tree Inn).
Other Footsteps:  A Haunted House in the Centre of the City.  Experiences of a Night with Two Apparitions.  The Mystery As Yet Undeveloped.
Spirit Rappings:  Dr. John H. Lemon relates his personal experience in the context of spirit rappings, which were not an unusual topic of the time period.
Witness of the Spirit: ¬†An unusual, flowery description of a ghostly setting from Dr. John H. Lemon’s writings.