Everyone loves movies over the holidays. But what is there to see? Just for you, we’ve come up with a list of the 10 best holiday movies you can get through your library on Hoopla.

Hoopla is a service available for free with your Floyd County Library account. You get 8 checkouts a month, and you can use them for ebooks, digital magazines, downloadable music, movies, TV shows or audiobooks. There are no holds, and no limits on how many copies there are. To find out more, just stop by and talk to any library staff member, or give us a call at (812) 944-8464 and we’ll help you get it set up. Here’s the list of the 10 best holiday movies available on Hoopla!

  1. Once Upon a Murdoch Christmas (2016) – In an episode of the Canadian TV series, Murdoch investigates a series of robberies targeting Toronto businessmen just days before Christmas.
  2. A Merry Murdoch Christmas (2015) – While investigating a murder, detective Murdoch discovers suggestions that a Christmas monster (Krampus) may be involved.
  3. Faith Filled Christmas (2017) – Three generations ensure the Christmas season is about Christ through their involvement with foster care, adoption, retirement homes, and homelessness.
  4. The Small One (1978) – In this short animated show, a young Judean boy tries to sell his beloved donkey to someone who would care for him as much as he does.
  5. A Creature Christmas (2015) – The real-life Chris and Martin introduce each Wild Kratts episode with a live action segment that asks “What if…?”
  6. Getting to the Nutcracker (2014) – A documentary about annual productions of The Nutcracker around the world.
  7. Christmas Panic! (2013) – In this animated episode, Horse cancels all Christmas celebrations after a fight destroys the Yule log.
  8. Jingle Bell Rocks! (2013) – An exclusive look into the world of alternative Christmas music. With The Flaming Lips, Run DMC, John Waters, and more.
  9. My First Miracle (2016) – The story of Angelica, a 16-year-old girl with a rare cancer, and her struggles to live a normal life.
  10. Nutcracker (1986) – The holiday classic on film, designed by famous children’s author Maurice Sendak.

As an added bonus, and just for fun, here’s a list of the 10 worst holiday films available on Hoopla:

  1. The Happy Elf (2005) – Another animated movie, Eubie the Elf tries to bring Christmas joy to an unhappy town called Bluesville.
  2. Mule-Tide Christmas (2014) – More animation! Santa and his mule sidekick encounter a goblin who has set out to ruin Christmas.
  3. Golden Winter (2012) – A boy befriends a litter of homeless golden retrievers. Together they help stop a bank robbery just in time for Christmas.
  4. Small Town Santa (2014) – Sheriff Rick Langston arrests a home intruder claiming to be Santa Claus, and his world gets turned upside down.
  5. Elf-Man (2012) – An elf gets left behind with a family. They all get more than they bargained for as the kids help the elf discover his special powers and his true identity as a superhero.
  6. Alone for Christmas (2013) – Home Alone, but the star is a cute dog.
  7. Homeless for the Holidays (2009) – An executive loses his high-paying job, and his family could lose everything by Christmas.
  8. Santa Claws (2014) – Four kittens have to take over for Santa after he has an allergic reaction to them.
  9. Krampus: The Christmas Devil (2013) – Jeremy, a local police officer, discovers that a serial kidnapper is probably Krampus, the evil brother of St. Nicholas. Can Jeremy kill Krampus and prevent more missing children?
  10. Saving Christmas (2014) – A man tries to show his brother-in-law that Jesus remains a crucial part of the over-commercialized holiday. Starring Kirk Cameron of Growing Pains fame.

There you go! Plenty to watch until the new year. Watch for more movie lists in 2019!

— Greg R., Public Services Librarian