To help our patrons with their genealogy research, the Indiana Room provides the following forms free of charge to help patrons who are just beginning or need help organizing their research.

Beginning Genealogy

For those just starting to research their family history, this sheet instructs you on what you will want to do first.

Beginning Online Research

Helpful links for online research with an explanation of what they are and how to use them.

Research Checklist

A checklist of the types of records you will want to look at for each individual, though not all records will apply to every person.

Pedigree Chart

The Pedigree Chart is, visually, a family tree.  This chart has room for five generations of ancestors.

Family Group Worksheet

This is where you list the husband and wife and all of their children together, along with their information.  It is easier to keep families together this way.

Individual Worksheet

This is similar in style to the Family Group Worksheet.  It allows you to have more detailed information about an individual all in one place.

Family Group Census Grid

This form makes it easy to see, at a glance, which family members were on which census records.

Source Log

An easy way to keep track of your sources for each person.