I’ve been catching up on reading picture books from this year, and a few from early 2019 have caught my eye.  Here’s what impressed me from a crop of books published earlier this year!


B is for Baby by Atinuke (2019)

In this sweet adventure focusing on the letter “B,” Baby has fallen into a basket of bananas, unseen by her brother.  What will happen next?


Big and Little: A Story of Opposites by Cheryl Pilgrim (2019)

Since the only text in this book consists of pairs of opposites, the story of two very different dogs is mostly told through soft yet lively illustrations.


Daniel’s Good Day by Micha Archer (2019)

Daniel finds out what really makes a good day by asking the people around him.  In this colorful, vibrant community, he gets a variety of great answers!


Firefly Home by Jane Clarke (2019)

This gentle, interactive story has the reader helping a firefly finds where it belongs.  The depictions of various kinds of light are so skilled, the pages really seem to glow!


Max Attacks by Kathi Appelt (2019)

Max the cat loves nothing more than to attack!  The dog, the cat toys, the socks in the hamper – nothing stands a chance against him!  But will Max finally meet his match?


Happy reading!

-Teresa Moulton, Public Service Leader