I have spent much of my work from home time creating Family History class tutorials, since our scheduled Family History classes were canceled due to the pandemic.  Ordinarily, there are four two-hour Beginning Family History classes and four two-hour Intermediate Family History classes.  I have streamlined these, broken them up, and rearranged some of them to put them into more manageable online sessions.  These tutorials are on the Library’s Niche Academy page.

Below, you will see a heading with the original class title, followed by bullet points with each of the new sessions underneath.  I did this in case you would like to follow along with the order I use in class, but these do no have to be viewed in order.  Click on a link to access that tutorial.  Some of them don’t have links yet.  This is because I am still creating the new sessions.  I will update the links as new tutorials become available.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email indiana@nafclibrary.org.


Beginning Family History:  Getting Started


Beginning Family History:  Vital Records


Beginning Family History:  Census Records


Beginning Family History:  Internet Genealogy


Intermediate Family History:  Beyond Vitals & Census

  • Family History:  Wills & Probate Records
  • Family History:  Land Records
  • Family History:  Indenture Records


Intermediate Family History:  Institutions & Agencies

  • Family History:  Institutions & Agencies
  • Family History:  School Records


Intermediate Family History:  Immigration & Migration

  • Family History:  Immigration & Migration


Intermediate Family History:  Military Records

  • Family History:  Military Records


Other Useful Family History Related Tutorials On Niche Academy