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A New Albanian in Europe: Letters written to the New Albany Daily Ledger describing the ocean voyage and travels of the Culbertsons to major cities of Europe during the Spring and Summer of 1884.
Janet Crane, Korean Missionary:  Letters written by Janet Crane describing her work at Chunju, Korea in May 1931 and at Soonchun, Korea in May 1934.
Pioneer Philanderer:  Correspondence from Menander Graham, the meandering son of John Kennedy Graham, to his father (written in January and February of 1837).
Trip West:  A chronicle of the journey taken by John Tribbey, Joe Connor and Don Graham during the Summer of 1932, as remembered by John Tribbey over 50 years later.
Diary of Maria Graham:  A series of articles based on the diaries of Maria Graham, born in New Albany in 1836.  These were originally published in the Indianapolis Star.  The diary begins in 1855 and continues through her marriage and the birth and childhood of her son.  She mentions a comet, earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes.   She ends it abruptly in March 1890.
Still a Hoosier-boy: ¬†A letter written to William J. Hedden by Andrew Wentz, requesting a copy of “The Hoosier.” Mr. Wentz reminisces about life in New Albany in the mid-1800s. The letter is dated February 8, 1905 from Pittsford, New York.

West to California

The Californians:  A list by mess of all who have engaged passage to start on their adventure west.
Diary of a Hoosier Goldhunter by Alfred H. Nunemacher (1850).
Extract of a Letter from C. W. Winstandley:  To his brother, written May 10, 1850, while in the Valley of the Platte River.
Historical Series No. 6 РGold Rush:  A brief accounting of the Gold Rush as part of several volumes of historical information presented by Union National Bank and radio station WLRP in the 1950s.  More of Historical Series on New Albany and Floyd County History.
Letters from Simkins Love:  Correspondence to his family from Panama, Tuolumne River, Sonora, and New Orleans from 1851-1856.
New Albany Expeditions to the Old West in 1848-1850: ¬†Emma Carleton’s account of those who attempted to make the journey west.