Information/Reservations: 812-949-3522

The New Albany-Floyd County Public Library provides public meeting space opportunities as a part of our community service mission.

  1. Use of reserved spaces does not constitute Library endorsement of the viewpoints expressed by participants in the program.
  1. Non-profit groups or Library patrons may use reserved space as available without cost, with group doing their own set up. Requested setups and resets are provided at a cost of $40. All meetings or events in the Library must be open to all.
  1. Government organizations may under the Indiana Code for Open Door Law may utilize rooms for closed meetings.
  1. Profit groups may use space if the program or meeting has a public service aspect to it. Meetings to demonstrate or take orders for a product are not allowed.  Profit organizations will be charged for the use of the reserved space.  Payment must be made prior to the rental start time.
  1. No private parties or individual social events are allowed.
  1. Completed applications and documentation are required for all reserved spaces.
  1. The Library reserves the right to cancel or reschedule meetings. Priority shall be given in the following order:
  • Library services and operations
  • Library employee meetings
  • Use by local City or County departments or agencies
  1. Out of county organizations may reserve Library space one month prior to usage date.
  1. No solicitation, monetary donations, or collection of funds may be made. Only Library sponsored or Library co-sponsored programs may charge for materials.
  1. Only the Library or a Library group may sponsor a fund-raising event in the Library.
  1. Publicity for a meeting by a non-Library group in the Library must be worded in a manner that does not imply Library sponsorship of the group’s activities.
  1. The Library’s building use policy must be followed. Non-compliance of policies will result in suspension of reservation privileges.
  1. Media equipment must be reserved with the room. Equipment requested the day of the meeting may not be available.
  1. The individual signing of the registration and the group they represent assumes full responsibility for the condition of the reserved space and equipment used. Must be 18 years or older for a room reservation.
  1. Groups using the reserved space are expected to monitor attendance and follow posted room capacity limit.
  1. Facilities must be left in the same condition in which they are found. Trash should be disposed of in the wastebaskets provided, all surfaces and equipment left clean.  Leaving the reserved space dirty or failure to return the reserved space to its original set-up will result in a $50.00 fee.
  1. The organization utilizing the reserved space must supervise children under the age of 18 at all times.
  1. Refreshments may be served, however no meals may be cooked in the Library.
  1. No alcoholic beverages are permitted.
  1. No supplies are available by the Library.
  1. There is no storage available for prior or following reservations.
  1. The Library has two parking lots. Reserved space users are to use the large lot located across from the Library on Scribner Drive and cross the street at the light. Handicap parking is available in the small lot immediately behind the Library.
  1. If the fire alarm sounds while you are in the library, leave the building immediately by the nearest exit. There is NO SMOKING or OPEN FLAMES permitted anywhere in the Library building or on Library property.
  1. The piano must be requested and approved for use. Piano teachers must reserve the space for music recitals and request the piano. Six hours of practice time may be booked for each recital if time is available. The piano is to only be moved by Library Staff.
  1. Contact a Library staff member upon arrival to gain access to reserved space and following the event be sure to check out of the reserved space with a Library staff member.

All meetings will be monitored by Library staff to ensure compliance with these policies. 


Reserved space hours of availability are:

Monday – Thursday   9:00 A.M. – 8:15 P.M.

Friday and Saturday   9:00 A.M. – 5:15 P.M.

Reserved space must be vacated 15 minutes prior to closing.


Reserved space reservations may be made at the Customer Service Desk. Reserved space availability may be verified by calling (949-3522), however for a reservation to be official all documentation must be received.

Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.  After three cancellations or no-shows, space reservation privileges will be suspended.

During inclement weather, call the Library or visit to be certain it is open.  The Library also posts closures on local radio and tv stations.

RESERVED SPACES & COST                                 Non-Profit                          For Profit

Applegate Room                     Capacity 25         $0 / $40 opt set up                $75 rental/$40 set up

Strassweg Auditorium             Capacity 125       $0 / $40 opt set up              $100 rental/$40 set up

Gallery                                     Capacity 10         $0 / $40 opt set up                $50 rental/$40 set up

Approved by the New Albany-Floyd County Board of Trustees; October 16, 2017