1.  The library is a smoke free building. In addition, the use of tobacco products or electronic (or smokeless cigarettes or their equivalent) is prohibited inside facilities owned by the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library. The use of tobacco and electronic (or smokeless, or their equivalent) cigarettes is also prohibited on all land owned by the Library, except inside an individual’s own motor vehicle.

2.  Animals are not allowed in the library except as part of programs or as needed by disabled patrons.

3.  No food is allowed in the library except for groups using the Strassweg Auditorium. Other than for certain events in the Strassweg Auditorium, only drinks with a re-sealable lid are allowed in the library.

4.  Paging of individuals using the library’s intercom system will be done only in the case of emergency.

5.  Acceptable attire is required, so as not to be disruptive to the library environment. Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times.

6.  Patrons may not, at any time, solicit, sell or distribute merchandise or services in the library for any purpose.

7.  Literature may be provided for distribution only with the advance approval of the library.

8.  The library accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or accidents to persons or personal property on its premises.

9.  Library users are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which shows respect for others using the library.

10.  Disruptive conduct which prevents others from enjoying the library or which endangers people or property is not allowed.

11.  Public intoxication, drugs, and alcohol are prohibited in the library.

12.  Weapons, or facsimiles of any kind, are prohibited in the library, except firearms, carried by law enforcement or individuals legally carrying a firearm in accordance with Indiana law.

13.  The staff may request that a person leave the library if he/she is not using the library for the purpose for which it is intended and is considered a threat, or disturbance to other patrons or library staff.

14.  The staff may prohibit individuals from congregating or loitering in the building or on the library property in a manner that causes a disturbance or is inconsistent with the ordinary use of the library and with the library environment.

15.  Children under 8 must be directly supervised at all times by an adult.

16. Children ages 8 and older may use the library on their own, however, the parent, caregiver, or guardian is still held responsible for the actions and well-being of their children.

17.  The library will not be responsible for unattended children. If the unattended child is under the age of 10 and the parent, guardian, or supervising adult or individual cannot be contacted within a half hour, the staff will call the police or Child Protective Services.

18.  If the library is closing and the parent, guardian, or supervising adult of individual cannot be reached immediately, the police will be asked to contact Child Protective Services. The police may be called for any unattended person under the age of 14 when the library is closing

19.  The library staff reserves the right to report suspected truancy to the appropriate authorities during school hours.

20.  The Director of the library may at her/his discretion withhold library privileges from any patron who does not comply with library procedures, including this Policy.

21.  The Director and Staff of the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library are bound by the policies set by the Board of Trustees.

22.  Please do not ask for special privileges or exceptions to the rules.

23.  The Board of Trustees, depending upon the seriousness of violation(s) of this Policy, has the right to withdraw library privileges from individuals for a period determined appropriate by the Board of Trustees up to one year.


Reviewed and revised, June 13, 2013