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Amanda Ross:  An interview with Amanda Henson Ross on the occasion of her 102nd birthday in 1970.  Amanda died in 1975 and was buried in the Ross family cemetery on Payne-Koehler Road, a short distance from the place of her birth near Silver Creek.
Pvt. Henry W. Richardson:  “Colored Soldier Who Died On Transport To Be Remembered By Decoration Day Ceremony” (New Albany Weekly Ledger, May 7, 1919).
In Civil War Time:  Elvira Lee, a WPA Slave Story, according to Sarah Emery Merrell.
Laura: An Unforgettable Woman:  Earl Hedden tells of the strong, nurturing relationship his family had with Laura Woods, and speaks of some of her heartbreaks and joys.
Mamie Starks:  Mary’s Column, written by Mary Stein for the New Albany Tribune, September 9, 1965.
West Union:  This neighborhood, on the north side of New Albany, supposedly provided a home for the manumitted slaves of Henry Clay.
William Franklin Dawson:  Ex-slave and Civil War veteran, Dawson (at age 95) relates tales from his past and a conversation with Abraham Lincoln (New Albany Weekly Ledger, January 6, 1933).