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Teresa (Scherping) Moulton has worked at the Floyd County Library since 2012. She previously worked in Youth Services and is now the Public Service Leader.

Books: Buy or Borrow?

As I'm buying my toddler yet another stack of books for his birthday, I've been reflecting on what makes me buy a book versus borrow it from the library. I've always been a regular library user, but I really am not big book buyer, which may be a bit unusual for a librarian.  Borrowing books [...]

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Being a Reading Role Model

If you have a child you love in your life - whether as their parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, etc. - chances are you want for them to love reading.  So what can we do to ensure we raise a reader? You may already being doing things like reading with them, buying them books, and taking them [...]

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Read-Alongs on Hoopla – perfect for new readers!

If you have someone in your life who's just learning how to read, this post is for you!  I wanted to highlight a category of ebooks on Hoopla that are great for kids who are brand new to reading.  They are called Read-Alongs, and they are a fun way to read a story while the [...]

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Indiana Children 5 and Under: Vote for the Firefly Award!

It's been my privilege and pleasure to serve on the committee for the Indiana Early Literacy Firefly Award for the past few years.  Our committee accepts nominations of recently published books for young children and decides on a ballot of five excellent books that support the early literacy practices of reading, writing, singing, playing, and [...]

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A Piece of Indiana Basketball History

Attucks!: Oscar Robertson and the Basketball Team that Awakened a City by Phillip Hoose (2018), 212 pages   Anyone connected to Indiana knows that basketball is a huge deal here.  Many famous players have come out of the state, and the state high school tournament even inspired the classic basketball movie Hoosiers (1986).  Teens or [...]

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A powerful, true account of the criminal justice system

Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson (2014), 336 pages (audiobook on CD) (ebook on Overdrive/Libby) (young adult adaptation)   If you're like me, you've been fortunate enough to avoid much interaction with the criminal justice system.  You may hope, as I always have, that it operates fairly and justly.  But [...]

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Essays? That sounds like homework!

Some people like novels.  Some people like biographies.  But have you ever considered reading a book of essays?  I know, I know - it sounds like homework.  But I like to think of essays as the short stories of nonfiction.  I realized recently that I love reading long, in-depth opinions and articles on the internet, [...]

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Holiday Programming for All Ages

Are you getting into the Christmas spirit?  Here are some upcoming library programs happening at The Floyd County Library for the holiday season.   First Friday Concert: Silken Strings Ensemble and New Albany Community Choir Friday, December 6 12-12:30 PM All ages No registration required Free lunchtime concert series held the first Friday of the [...]

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Open a “Window”

  In my previous role as a Children's Librarian, I was introduced to the idea of "mirrors and windows" in books, a concept identified by Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop.  She said that children need to see themselves in the books they read (mirrors) and also get a glimpse into the lives of people different from [...]

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Favorite Picture Books from Early 2019

I've been catching up on reading picture books from this year, and a few from early 2019 have caught my eye.  Here's what impressed me from a crop of books published earlier this year!   B is for Baby by Atinuke (2019) In this sweet adventure focusing on the letter "B," Baby has fallen into [...]

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