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Likes: science fiction and fantasy books and movies, genealogy, history, geography, cooking, journaling, playing Age of Empires, and a bunch of other nerdy things that are too many to list. Dislikes: spicy food, avocados, cold weather, country music, birds, the beach, snowmen, and a host of other things that are basically phobias.

Fresh from storage!

Recently, we've been going through storage and re-introducing some items to the Indiana History Room.  Among them are the two volumes of Indian Biography by B.B. Thatcher.  These volumes were published in 1837 and have seen quite a bit of use in their lifetime.  They feature biographies on Powhatan, Massasoit, Pontiac, Tecumseh, Little Turtle, and [...]

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Do You Journal? (Or, Would You Like to Start?)

I journal.  I have since I was old enough to write.  I have a tendency toward traditional journaling, but I'm always wanting to try new things with my journaling.  I tried bullet journaling a couple of years ago but, while it has its uses, it didn't quite work for me.  Recently, I came across Rebecca [...]

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What is Genealogy?

Photo courtesy of growinglittleleaves.com. Join us on Monday, September 24, 2018 for What Is Genealogy?, an introductory family history program for kids!  It is geared towards children in second to fourth grades.  Registration is required. Click here to register! This program is located in the Strassweg Auditorium from 5:00 to 5:45 pm.  Participants will [...]

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Do you want to research your family history, but don’t know where to start?

Join us in September for Beginning Genealogy!  We will have classes every Wednesday in September from 4:30-6:30 pm in the Indiana History Room.  Due to limited seating, registration is required. Click here to register! Courses will cover the following: Wednesday, September 5th - Getting Started – You will learn what forms are used for genealogy [...]

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Are you looking for an ancestor, or an old business in New Albany?

City directories are one of the Indiana Room's most frequently used resources.  They contain information on residences and businesses within the city limits for the given year.  This can be a great way to find out when a business operated here.  It can also be used as an alternative to a census.  Our earliest city [...]

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Floyd County Marriage Records

It's that time of year again, for lineage societies and family reunions!  The Indiana Room has been receiving a lot of requests for records, marriage records being some of the most popular.  The Indiana Room has Floyd County marriage records on microfilm from 1817 to 1922.  These are searchable via print indexes located in the [...]

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How to Research the History of a House

Staff members working in the Indiana History Room are asked a variety of questions on a daily basis.  Many of these questions pertain to house history.  When was my house built?  Did anyone famous ever live in my house?  Was my house a grocery store in a past life?  How can I find out if [...]

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Famous Hoosiers

It's famous Hoosier time!  Every spring, the fourth graders of Floyd County are required to do a Famous Hoosier project.  The first stop is usually to the children's or teen department for biographies, such as the Who Was? series.  Next, a fourth grader might venture to the non-fiction section for a copy of Indiana Legends, [...]

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What is Hoopla?

If you have visited the library recently, you may have heard people talking about Hoopla or seen some of the promotional materials.  But, what is Hoopla?  Hoopla is a digital media service that allows our patrons to borrow ebooks, audiobooks, music, movies, TV shows, and comics! I had downloaded the Hoopla app on my Kindle [...]

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Can’t wait for the next Star Wars movie? We can help with that!

  Cobalt Squadron Written by Elizabeth Wein Published 2017 251 pages I am a huge Star Wars fan and can't wait for the next movie.  To ease some of my anticipation, I decided to read some of the Star Wars books that take place between the movies.  I began this reading quest with Star Wars [...]

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