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Likes: science fiction and fantasy books and movies, genealogy, history, geography, cooking, journaling, playing Age of Empires, and a bunch of other nerdy things that are too many to list. Dislikes: spicy food, avocados, cold weather, country music, birds, the beach, snowmen, and a host of other things that are basically phobias.

Indiana Room Digital Resources

We have had several people asking when the Indiana History Room will be open again.  At this time, we still do not know.  We are making services available to patrons as it is safe to do so.  In the meantime, you can email requests to indiana@nafclibrary.org and staff will respond as soon as they are [...]

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World Creativity and Innovation Day

Today was designated World Creativity and Innovation Day by the United Nations.  Creativity and innovation are great ways to fight boredom while you're staying home.  They are also great ways to relieve anxiety and stress.  I like to journal or paint to relieve stress.  Now may be a good time to get back into that [...]

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Census Day is coming!

This year is a census year for the United States.  What this means is that the government will ask questions of each household/individual to gather statistics.  Originally, this was done strictly for taxation and representation purposes.  The census now also helps government officials make decisions on over 100 government funded programs and institutions, such as [...]

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Autoimmune diseases run rampant in the world today and it seems that new ones are being discovered all the time.  I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that most doctors haven't even heard of, let alone know how to treat.  So, I did what any librarian would do.  I began researching for myself.  I [...]

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What happened to the vertical files?

I have had several people ask me recently, what happened to the vertical files?  You may have noticed that many of the filing cabinet drawers are empty.  Fear not.  We are NOT throwing them away.  We recognize how valuable and rare the vertical file collection is and we are having them digitized for ease of [...]

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Christmas Past

As Christmas approaches and many of us are doing our last minute shopping in this hectic traffic, I thought it might be nice to compare Christmases.  I've included here an article from Christmas in the early 1800s, one from the mid-1800s, and an excerpt from an oral history interview about Christmas in the 1930s.  Enjoy! [...]

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What’s the oldest thing in the Indiana Room?

I am often asked what the oldest thing is in the Indiana History Room.  I've worked in this room for several years and I still can't say with any certainty.  However, as I have been relabeling books, I did come across one that is the oldest I've seen so far.  Carver's Travels Through the Interior [...]

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Organize Your Family History

Whether you've been tracing your family history for years or are just getting started, chances are good that organization is a struggle.  The sheer number of documents that researchers accumulate, whether digital or on paper, makes organization a daunting task for most of us.  Everyone has different work flows and goals when it comes to [...]

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Knowing Your Government

Here is Your Indiana Government, a biennial publication of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce is an excellent resource for learning about Indiana's government.  It contains: Descriptions and contact information for the various government offices throughout the state. An explanation of how the voting process works. An explanation of how the legislative process works. Links for [...]

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The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill By Abbi Waxman 2019, 332 pages   As I was straightening the Lucky Duck books last Monday evening, I happened upon The Bookish Life of Nina Hill.  It was initially the contrasting teal and goldenrod coloring that drew my eye and then the title piqued my interest.  Once I [...]

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